We help independent pet stores grow
by building customer loyalty.

Our suite of online marketing tools and services allows you to easily...

  • Target your customers with the right offers

  • Manage a Loyalty Program

  • Prospect for new customers

  • Craft sophisticated, email and direct mail campaigns

  • Build and maintain a customer database

  • Track the return on each marketing dollar you spend

  • Reward and retain loyal customers

  • Increase your customers' visits and basket size

  • Market as much or as little as you want. Pay only for those services you need.
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“I can target my best customers with offers that I know will keep them coming back to our stores.”

— Dave Ratner, Dave's Soda & Pet City

“...we have happy customers, and we know that making it easy and rewarding to shop with us helps our business grow.”

— John & Pat Halloran, Waterbury Hardware